IMG_3999When a hailstorm occurs in your area your business immediately changes. You are now in the PDR business, and it’s not as simple as selecting a PDR tech and cleaning out a stall for him to begin fixing dents. We know all of the scenarios that will play out when hail claims begin coming in.

Your phone will not stop ringing.
Customers lining up wanting estimates on the spot.
PDR companies soliciting you for your business.
Collision jobs sitting in line with repairs getting delayed.
New collision jobs still needing scheduled.
Body men and painters become overworked.
Adjusters coming in randomly for hail inspections.
Your estimators cannot keep up.
Your office staff is stressed out.

These are the reasons it is called a catastrophe, nobody can have the correct personnel already in place to take on these scenarios without another aspect of the business suffering. The Hail Company focuses on these scenarios and makes sure your business maximizes productivity and profits while allowing your collision business to stay on track and keep cycle times where they need to be.

Whatever your situation, we can offer you any of the following support staff.

On Site Estimators – Counting dents, circling dents, taking pictures, and noting damaged moldings is an extensive process. Our estimators work hand in hand with your estimators to streamline the process and free up their time.

On Site Management – Larger collision facilities can sometimes repair dozens of cars a day. With this type of volume there is usually a need for a manager to oversee the process. Having one person as a point of contact is a huge benefit for both your business and ours. Scheduling, quality control, helping answer PDR related questions with your staff and customers on your request are just some of the ways this can help you.

Quality PDR Technicians – There is an old saying that when it comes to hail, everyone uses techs from the same tech pool. Not true. While many national hail companies do know a lot of the same technicians who specialize in hail, not every company has access to the same technicians. We treat our technicians with the same respect we treat our customers. Without our technicians we would not be able to do what we do for you. Our reputation as a company with integrity and honesty is what separates us from the rest and we welcome you to ask around about us. In fact, ask your local PDR tech, he may have heard of us and if needed we would be happy to include him in the storm.

Dedicated R&I Technicians– During high volume repair times, body men do not have the time to de-trim the vehicles for PDR repairs. We have technicians whose sole responsibility is to do this. He also can replace damaged moldings. This isn’t always a necessity but is available upon your request.

Electronic Estimating and Invoicing– All of our estimates will be delivered to you instantly via email for easy retrieval at all times. We will also send an electronic invoice to the email address you provide us with, at the completion of each vehicle.

There are many other circumstances and scenarios that occur during a hail catastrophe. We will always be there to help you understand and solve them all. For more information you can email us at or call us at 1-800-973-9916