tent-dealership-thehail-companyIf your dealership has been damaged due to a hailstorm you will have many options to get them repaired. In fact, you will probably have more PDR companies calling and walking in your doors than customers for a week. You will hear the same sales pitch over and over again. “We do the best quality, we are recommended by your insurance company, we can fix them cheap without sacrificing quality, we have a warranty.” Some of these may be true, some may not. The Hail Company does not specialize in sales though, we specialize in catastrophe hail management and repair. We specialize in helping you and your staff understand what has happened and how we can help you recover quickly and get back to selling cars. We have a job site protocol that is strictly followed at all times.

We will be on location within 24 hours We can help you begin fixing sold units on day one, even if your insurance company has not begun their inspection process yet. This allows you and your staff to have zero down time.

We only used highly qualified technicians that have been verified by The Hail Company through previous experiences together.

We will use the same process oriented job system at your facility. The job site stays clean and organized. Everyone is made aware of where to park, which facilities to use, and will never appear on your showroom floor minimizing our footprint on your business.

We can attend or hold any company meeting to help each employee understand how we do what we do and help them explain to their customers any concerns they may have with purchasing a hail damaged vehicle.  We will send an individual, electronic invoice on each vehicle as it is repaired. This allows everyone in your company to have access to which vehicles on the lot have been repaired and which ones have not.

Most importantly we will repair every car, ensuring 100% quality results and make certain you and your business come out of this catastrophe on top.  If your dealership has been affected by hail damage and would like more information on how we can help you, please email us at info@thehailcompany.com or call 1-800-873-9916.