techs doing work for dealershipsAs a PDR company, your customers are your #1 priority. Delivering exceptional service on a daily basis at all times is what separates you from your competition. You are there every time they call. Late nights, weekends, doing pro bono work when an accident occurs, the list goes on and on. You have developed personal relationships that go beyond weekly invoices. There is a mutual trust that has been built up over years of hard work and dedication. You are their guy. When a hailstorm hits your area, your accounts should look to you to be an expert they can rely on to handle their expanded need for PDR services. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Too many times these accounts, both body shops and dealerships, do not understand you are capable of handling something like this. They know you do good work but you’re a one-man show, how could you possibly help them with something like this? Waiting until a storm happens to take action is too late. This is what The Hail Company can help you with. We work with PDR companies just like you to help develop a game plan that will insure your success as well as the success of your accounts. We work for you. By having a game plan in effect now you will in effect become the hail expert in your area. We have a simple formula of secure, manage, and expand.

Secure- Being fully prepared now is the biggest step any PDR company can do. Talk to your accounts. Explain to them what to expect the moment a hailstorm occurs. The incoming phone calls from national hail providers, which may be recommended by the insurance companies they work with. The customers, who will be lined up wanting estimates and repairs. The additional workload put on their estimators, office staff, management team and technicians. These and so many more situations will happen. Giving them the peace of mind that you are aware of this already and are fully prepared for it will give you a head start in the chaos that will begin to unfold.

Manage- Once a hailstorm occurs its time to follow through on the promises you have made. You will have numerous accounts that all want you to be at their location that day. With the help of The Hail Company you will in essence be everywhere. Each account will be evaluated and the correct personnel will be put into place. Some accounts require an on site manager, others will require estimating assistance. Some accounts will only require a technician or two that are proficient in dealing with the day-to-day activities. Together we will address these scenarios and within 24 hours all of your accounts will begin to run smoothly.

Expand- When handled correctly a hail storm will be a profitable experience for you. It is also an opportunity for you to expand your local presence in your area. Other local companies that are not as prepared as you are will struggle to keep their accounts happy. You will have both the time and the resources to take on any accounts that are struggling to handle the increased workload.

The Hail Company can provide you with everything you need to begin the process of preparing and maintaining a hailstorm in your area. For more information please email us at or call us at 1-800-873-9916