by Matt Mayse on PDR Nation

Large Dealership Repair

Ryan recently completed repair of over 800 vehicles in less than 21 days at my Chevrolet dealership in Missouri. His quote was the most competitive, and his staff very professional. Having had 4 hail storms, he was without question the best we have had. I would highly recommend. Feel free to call anytime for discussion. Thank you Ryan for your help!

Matt Mayse
Mayse Automotive Group
Aurora, MO.

by Chris Brown on PDR Nation
Great Service

Ryan and his crew did a great job for us after a recent hail storm. All of the technicians were professional. The total job was completed in the time that Ryan promised. I would recommend him to anyone.—–

by Roger Forgatsch on PDR Nation

Had the privilege of working for Ryan for the first time last year , And in first meeting him you can tell he had the passion for this industry and was in tune with the details to making the working environment top notch for the techs working under him. I would not hesitate to work for him again.—–

by Jessie Cintron on PDR Nation
Passion for PDR!!

Recently had the pleasure of meeting Ryan and I’m glad i did! He gave me the opportunity to work his deal in Danville, PA for a few days and even tho it was short lived i could really see his passion for the industry. He is very meticulous about PDR and would work for him anytime!!! Thanks for the mugs and pens you Rock!

Jessie Cintron

by Jeff Sandefur on PDR Nation

Ive known Ryan for a couple of years and we talk all the time on different aspects of our industry and ways to improve quality and better ways of communicating with the public and what we do and how we do it so the public has a more clear understanding of what is good PDR work and what is not so that pdr in general will keep going to a higher level and the people who do bad repair work will be exposed and this review is another idea that Ryan Hampton implemented himself.—–

by Mike Chitwood on PDR Nation

A true professional in our industry, Ryan has abilities that exceed simply repairing dents, if it’s a leader you’re looking for Ryan is your man! Great tech, great guy!—–

by Joseph Gates on PDR Nation

I had the pleasure of working with Ryan in Phoenix in 2010. His abilities as a tech are awesome and his organizational skills are unparalleled, he smoothly coordinated dozens of techs, multiple body shops and a retail location. He is also a heck of a nice guy and just an overall honest person…..Thank you buddy—–

by Bennett Clark on PDR Nation
Shop Owner Review

I had Ryan work at my shop to help us repair hail damage. He is a great guy and does good work. Very positive attitude and willing to help out with whatever is needed. Thanks Ryan.—–

by Tom McCandless on PDR Nation
Great Tech

Ryan is a great tech that is very solid in all areas of PDR. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him multiple times and he is an outstanding team player and leader. Ryan brings a lot of knowledge and skill to the table. You can’t go wrong working with Ryan.—–

by David Walker on PDR Nation

Ryan is a top quality PDR technician and a true professional. He can do the repairs or staff your shop and make everything run smoothly. You can’t go wrong with Ryan on the job. He can do it all.—–

by Matt Travis on PDR Nation
Two skillsets above the rest!

Ryan is a rock solid, top tier Dent Technician capable of all facets of the P.D.R. Industry.  In over 20 years I have not worked with anyone more capable of running or staffing P.D.R. jobs.  Ryan and his team work with professionalism, quality and honesty.  Over the last several years, Ryan has become the industry leader in innovation, networking and setting P.D.R. standards.  If you get the opportunity to work with Ryan Hampton I am confident that you will have no regrets!—–

by Jason Hampton on PDR Nation
Ryan Hampton

“Always an upbeat guy.” After doing business with Ryan many times over the years I’ve gotten to know him well. “A true professional and a great guy.”—–

by Kevin Koenig on PDR Nation
Man with Integrity!

I have worked with Ryan on numerous occasions, and thoroughly enjoyed every one of them! No matter what the situation, Ryan has always tried to do his best to make sure things are running smooth, and all kinks are ironed out. From making sure the body shop is happy with their techs, to making sure techs get fair prices and are paid on time. A++++—–

by Tim O’Neill on PDR Nation
Hail Technician

The mayor of the PDR industry. Ryan’s passion for Paintless Dent removal and it’s future is contagious. Ryan is genuine in his interest and always maximizes his potential. His work ethic is above and beyond and always does an outstanding job.—–

by Kevin Patterson on PDR Nation
Top notch

In my 15yrs. in the pdr business i have a small amount of people and or companies that i trust as a true professional trustworthy source in the pdr industry. Ryan Hampton is at the top of that list of professionals. He is honest and a man of his word. Any shop would be privileged to have Ryan help them in a hail catastrophe situation.—–

by Travis Nesbitt on PDR Nation
Ryan Hampton

I have known Ryan for several years. I have had the pleasure of working with him and he shows great leadership. He is an A+ technician and really understands the PDR industry. I would work with him anytime.—–

by Jesse Whitson on PDR Nation

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ryan for many years. He is a great technician, incredibly business minded and one of the best guys I’ve worked for.—–

by Woody Koss on PDR Nation

If you want one of the absolute best in the PDR industry you want Ryan Hampton.—–

by Tim Hazlett on PDR Nation
One Amazing Tech…One Amazing Professional!

I met Ryan in 2005 and soon realized that he was not your normal tech. He somehow not only put together a huge crew to accommodate a major storm with numerous accounts, worked as a tech, and somehow find time to delegate jobs, satisfy accounts, but most importantly, take care of us as techs. I was amazed at his organizational skills, his leadership, and also the fact that he could actually push a dent, as well. Ryan is not only a great tech but an exceptional business man. Anyone who is graced to cross paths with him will be blessed. I look forward to working with Ryan at any given time or place.—–

by Jeremy wright on PDR Nation
Ryan Hampton

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Ryan in the Pdr business for a while now. Ryan is a very talented Pdr tech, not only in his repair skills, but also his people skills, (work ethic, honesty, getting a job done, no complaining, no shady business, etc etc) I totally enjoyed working with Ryan and would not hesitate to work with him again and am very fortunate to be able to get his opinion on Pdr business related questions any time I need them. 5 star tech in my book!!—–